Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fading away

When the day fades away,
leaving those memories to you,
but taking those times with it,
you feel time flies leaving you behind ..
or taking you with it 

When the shades of red
appear on the distant skies,
throwing a pinch of gold on
everything near you..
You want that forever,
the golden hue on your life 
to stay with you..

But then it fades
the golden lines clouds disappear
into the black blanket,
covering your mind, covering your world..
At times you feel safe in it,
safe from the day's piercing rays.
But at other times you feel the waves,
dark waves that toss you up
and pull you down into the trough!

Well, it breaks again soon,
the dawn with all its colours,
only to fade away,
the ever forgetful dawn !


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Marine Drive

Watching these lights
that line up the distant horizon,
through my damp window sil..
Glistening over the waters ever so still..
Half of a Moon, grazing the sky ,
silently shining thy light in chill..
A peace so pure washes me down,
down to the depths of my dreams on will..
Those dreams which are near,
so near,yet so far still.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Walk

On the roads Of my lazy life,
This was the longest walk
That I ever took.

 The walk of my life
That made me love,
Love the life,
Around me and above.

On that moonlit path I walked,
Thinking of nothing
But the path I walked.
Leaving all behind,
No sorrows no worries.
Not alone, Still all alone.

The loneliness I craved,
Which others kept at par.
The darkness that crept,
It dint but scare me,
Coz the moon was around,
Always around,
Always beside,
Shining on me
With all his love.

 And so I walked,
Thinking of nothing
But the path I walked.
I was happy,
Ecstatic like never.
But then alas,
He went hiding
Behind those clouds,
Which kept on moving,
As if they were Being summoned.

Did he move along?
And leave me alone,
On this unsure path?

Close your eyes, But it won’t help.
The spooky night It just struggles in!
But I dint stop,
Can’t walk back.
I must reach there,
The end of this path,
And open the door,
Where my destiny hides.

So I kept to my path,
Never dropping out.
And so I walked,
Thinking of nothing
But the path I walked.

Here I am, Still walking alone,
Along this unsure path
Of my lazy life,
Never ready to stop,
With the strongest belief
That the moon will shine,
Shine on me again,
With all his love.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tick Tock !!

Moving on and on
waiting for none.
Yeah its 'time',
just goes on
and never does it turn!

Be careful,
never to slip to sides
Coz there will be none at all
to give u a ride.
Its just u all along,
ushered on by 'time' !

'Time' is long
but short for some.
As long as its long
it does heal the pain.
But what if its too short?
'Time' will never get the time!

True "Time and Tide waits for none"
You gotta move on
Else be sure
that "time"
will make you

[PS: not a new fast track ad :p]


Friday, July 16, 2010


**Now that she knows..this poem was written specially for someone,my dearest Swarna:)

Everyone you meet on road
Everyone who passes by,
All talk the same talk,
"Friends are treasure,
Friendship is a lock !"

Its a truth that never
a truth that never
swayed !

People ask to choose your friends !
But i never really got the time
It just happened , just like that
I never really knew it did !

"Friends are treasure,
Friendship is a lock ! "

But alaS , many dropped out
along the way !
Though some still stand,
a very very few!

Those whom you lost,
were never meant to be yours !
And now I thank GOD,
for am left with The Few !

The Few who have seen me laugh,
The Few who have seen me cry,
The Few who have cried for me,
The Few who have laughed with me !

Wishing this would stay this way
and that,this would never break away !
And its a fact to be noted that
Wishes do come true at times ;)

"Friends are treasure,Friendship is a lock !! "


PS: Dedicated to all my stupid idiotic bloody best frnds >:D<

pic below - It was taken to b gifted to Nanda on her bday. i love this pic too much!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

FeAr !

*this is not exactly a poem..
jst felt lyk jolting some crap down.sorry ! :-( *

Fear is our worst enemy.
The thing that makes us turn around,
turn our backs and run head on !

Fear makes us loose our mind,
it breaks us.
Fear for tomorrow,
fear for the very next moment.

It grips us around the waist
pulling us down with it !

The day it breaks me..
is the Day i FEAR .

Here I go again :-D
"The day I FEAR" X-(

- Tejaswini

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Life at GECB

** this is somethin i'll have to work on :) **

As i've mentioned in my doin my btech in EC frm bartonhill engg coll..
its the govt: coll in tvm, next to CET o'course,,
When i start tokin abt my college lyf i gotta tell u how i got here.I never thought,not even in my weirdest dreams,tht i wud get to study in a pure govt: coll..coz so poor was my attitude towards entrance exams :| :D i never took 'em seriously.
Well,luckily (or unluckily :D ) i landed here.Our coll on the whole is pretty small,with these cute little classes.I love the atmosphere here,well within the city limits..still away from the crowds..n full of to say tht the "area" aint too gud tho :P
Anyways,back to the topic,i have spent almost 30 months in GEC [2 n 1/2 yrs :D ]
the experiences r vast n crude..ranging from the happiest to the worst.It is seriously a pretty BIG experience :) the memories being both sweet n sour..
I wudn't say tht i cud njoy to the fullest ...i regret many moments which i've wasted..not laughing out loud :)
I have a few frnds whom i luv to b wid...v njoy our coll lyf ..once in a while bunking classes,going for movies[not during class tym ..mind u ;) ],chatting..better put as kathi garnished well wid challus..
Now i must say a few words abt my frnds..some r funny,some emotional,some naughty..n some kathis :D i wud b in the last section o'course!
1st yr at coll was by far the BEST..i blive most of my classmates wud agree..coz aftr tht,thr arose many problems which v jst cudn't clear out. political divisions..ego clashes..misunderstanding..n wat not.And we,being interested in the class issues,did get involved upto a limit,tho dint break our necks as quite a few did.I'm sure everyone involved in these issues do regret 'em.
Then again the optimist in me says "Hopefully all have learned their own lessons frm them...oh common ppl..c the brighter side :D

For me coll is a place to meet my frnds..n share some tym wid them..n ya few classes r interesting alright.But once u get to the end of a sem..these records,assignmnts and exams strt getting under ur skin..u jst wish "GOD..let the holidays begin".But the again ...2 days into the holidays,u strt getting bored..hehe..wishing the coll wud re-open soon..

But i realized tht thr was a slight diff for this tym's sem ending holidays[which was barely ..wat..lyk 5 days ? :( ]...i dint wanna go back to coll...Now tht was strange...mayb coz my brain got fed up with the wave propagation n op-amps..*sigh* ..i dunno.I cud always meet my frnds outside the coll walls or else u had tht too was no more a reason which drove me !!
Still here i stand at the doorstep to my 6th semester in Engg..wishing tht this sem wont b another disaster:D nd kno wat?? KU sucks !! of now for our batch! not going into the details..not'll be a murder com suicide :|

Its strange tht "days are long..but years are short"...i still am unable to digest the fact tht i'm through more than half of my college life..left only with 3 more sems..Damn..its sinking in ! It seems so short..jst lyk yesterday tht i got my allotment memo. :-|

Even tho i wud say tht.." not gonna miss my coll lyf due to all the craps tht marred my life"..i cant hide the fact tht am surely gonna miss it.. The classes,the bunking n hiding frm teachers [its really hard when u r part of a small campus :D],the time i spent with my dearest frnds,the walks,the talks,the tears and laughs n more.
For ppl who knew me at school..i mean b4 2 yrs,i have changed !! Still the silly amateur girl u there are parts of my inner self...transformed,the basic structure remaining the same.I feel tht am weak in learning from my past..still repeating my mistakes..hehe :D..nd thr r ppl around me asking.."grow up girl" :p

Now the pessimist in me talks.." After we leave this place...its gonna b hell out there ! On our own..n who knows..mayb without a job :| The responsibilities waiting for us.. The deceptions lurking in the shadows..The head cracking life ahead is gonna take a large enough toll on us..u bet.

We can just wish n work for a bright life..but we can never turn our backs to the destiny.A man gets wat he deserves..not wat he desires!! Work according to ur desires..n there you equate wat u desire to wat u deserve!
Wishing myself best of luck for the winding paths of life ahead :D

- Tejaswini

PS: i took 1 month to work this out,editing the idiotic notes n censoring some parts..hehe..

PPS: For the relevance of the above PS refer to the strt of this post n thnx for the patience !:p