Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fading away

When the day fades away,
leaving those memories to you,
but taking those times with it,
you feel time flies leaving you behind ..
or taking you with it 

When the shades of red
appear on the distant skies,
throwing a pinch of gold on
everything near you..
You want that forever,
the golden hue on your life 
to stay with you..

But then it fades
the golden lines clouds disappear
into the black blanket,
covering your mind, covering your world..
At times you feel safe in it,
safe from the day's piercing rays.
But at other times you feel the waves,
dark waves that toss you up
and pull you down into the trough!

Well, it breaks again soon,
the dawn with all its colours,
only to fade away,
the ever forgetful dawn !


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